If you’ve ever thought you don’t have a musical bone in your body or can’t sing a single note, I’m here to tell you that it is absolutely not true. We’re all primed to enjoy and make music, even if we’ve forgotten how to do it or had someone tell us we shouldn’t even try (shame on them). If you’ve sung Happy Birthday at a party or tapped your foot while listening to your favourite song then, as far as I’m concerned, you’re already a musician.

So now is the time to cast aside any doubts and join with me for a weekly dose of all things musical. I’ll discuss the basic concepts, such as rhythm and pitch and the fundamentals of note-reading, since knowing even just a little bit about all of that stuff can really enhance your enjoyment of both listening to and playing music. 

But note-reading and music theory are only a very small part of what it means to be a musician or music-lover. I’ll also be delving into the psychology of music and the ways it impacts us, providing tips and insights to help you integrate music into your daily routine and enrich your life. I’ll explore the quirks and the nitty-gritty of what it means to not only hear or play music but to feel it. 

We’ve always used it to mark the special moments and rituals in our lives. We turn to it for joy, solace, and inspiration, or to simply help us get through the hours, because we already know that music can be all things: sad, happy, and everything that falls in-between (a bit like us, right?).

So why not learn how to do it for yourself? I’ll encourage you to open your mouth and sing along, to experiment with pitch and rhythm, or explore the piano keyboard (even just on an app on your phone). I’ll take you through how to make up your own melodies and rhythms, and how to make mistakes and take risks and deal with the uncertainty and risk of making music, all crucial skills for musicians, believe me.

No instruments, skill, experience, or training will be required and all are welcome, whether you’ve never ever dared to sing, have dabbled on the piano at home, or taken lessons in the dim, dark past. 


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