Recording studio

Do you already have a piece of music or song ready to go? We will record, mix, and master your music. If you need an accompaniment, we can create one for you. This can consist of up to three instruments, for example, piano, bass, drums (more upon negotiation).

Experience the recording process

Would you like to experience the recording process? No prior experience is necessary as we will support you through the entire process and help you get the best results out of your recording session. Choose a song or piece of music, let us prepare a backing track for you. You can enjoy learning about how it all works, including recording, microphone technique, mixing, effects, and the mastering process.

Arranging and composing

Do you have a great idea or part of a song but need some help? We can help you with structure, style and arrangement, chord progressions, the main vocal line, backing vocals, and lyrics

Gift recordings

Recording has been a wonderful way for our family to share our love of music with friends and family. Present your family and friends with a gift of a recording of your child (or you, or all of you!) singing and/or playing. You will be able to access the final product via a link to a website. We will also provide you with a USB stick (so you have something you can wrap up and send or put under the Christmas tree).

Recording party

Find a few friends and record your favourite song. We will provide the accompaniment (up to three instruments, with more upon negotiation), and take you through the whole recording process.

Rate for Recording studio activities

  • Sixty minutes of recording services:  90 CHF
  •  If you are ready to go (already completed instrument and/or voice arrangement) we usually estimate around two hours recording and mixing per song: 180 CHF
  • If you require an arrangement, we’ll need time to prepare and record it. Get in touch for a free consultation.
  • Preparation of a full accompaniment (three instruments, e.g. piano, bass, and drums) and recording of song is three hours: 270 CHF
  • Two-hour recording party, including arrangement, backing track, and mixing: 320 CHF

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