The ear worm

Catchy phrases of music that find their way into your brain and hold on tight. Sometimes excruciatingly inane and catchy, other times something you like, all well and good until you find yourself humming that same phrase over and over. My current ear worm? The chorus from September: Ba de da, Never was a cloudy day 🎵 For more, go to The Earworm

Who are Patty and Mildred Hill?

Who on earth are Patty and Mildred Hill? Their names might not ring a bell, but I can guarantee that while you might not know who these two sisters are, you definitely know one of their songs like the back of your hand. It’s probably the most viral song ever, and is sung all over the world. To find out more, go to Who are Patty and Mildred Hill?

All or Nothing at All?

Why music should never just be about reaching milestones Why are we hardwired to think that if we’re going to do something it has to be all or nothing? You only have to think of idioms like ‘sink or swim’ or ‘go hard or go home’ to see what I mean. But when it comes to music we need to give ourselves permission to take as much time and as many detours as we want, Read more…

What a day for a day dream

Why our minds wander when we listen to music You know how it is. You’re listening to music and your mind starts to wander. A little while later and it’s like you’re waking up from a dream. It turns out this is completely normal, and to find out more, go to: Daydreaming

Joyful Sorrow

The science of why sad music makes us happier How do you feel when you listen to sad music? Do you like to shed a tear or two? Does it make you sadder or happier, or a potent mix of the two? However counterintuitive it may seem on the surface, we often turn to sad music to validate how we’re feeling, to make us feel better, or just to wallow in that mix of nostalgia Read more…

The highs and lows of just about everything, including music

How high and low is used in the world of music It’s no problem for me to look at my stuffed bookshelf (way too many books) and pick out one up high and another down low. But there are quite a few other contexts that use high and low (temperature, altitude, risk, frequency, blood pressure, to name just a few), and I can’t pretend I understand how all of them work. High and low is Read more…