Discovering Music: music education and resources

Welcome to Discovering Music, the platform offering piano and singing lessons (online and in-person in Meilen, Switzerland), resources, encouragement, and just a little bit of courage to people who would like to dip their toes in the wonderful world of music.

Learn how to explore and be creative, just like when you were a small child, singing and dancing without even thinking about it. You don’t need a test to prove you’re a musician: as soon as you play or sing that first note you’re already there. Are you ready to get started?


Whether you’re a complete beginner or can already play, playing piano is one of the most relaxing and rewarding activities you can do.

Lessons available for older children, teenagers, and adults, online or in-person in Meilen, Switzerland.


That first time you open your mouth and sing by yourself can be terrifying, but trust me when I say you will want to keep doing it!

Lessons for older children (from age ten), teenagers, and adults, online or in-person in Meilen, Switzerland.


Musicianship lessons are a wonderful way to prepare yourself for piano or singing lessons. But they’re also enough by themselves, providing an opportunity to satisfy your curiosity and learn more about an aspect of music that interests you or to dabble in a bit of piano and singing, just to see what it’s like.

About Kate

Hello, I’m Dr Kate Paine, an Australian musician, educator, and writer living in Meilen, Switzerland. Click HERE to find out more about me and my qualifications, and HERE to read about my teaching philosophy.


'Kate has an excellent rapport with her pupils. My two sons,11 and 13, thoroughly enjoy going for their piano lessons. We are extremely fortunate to have found someone who has both the knowledge and the ability to teach it.

It gives me so much pleasure seeing my daughter being taught something that she clearly loves, by someone who clearly cares.

My singing lessons help keep me sane! Thank you, Kate, for opening up this new world for me.

The other kids can't play anything unless someone shows them what to play. I played everyone my own song!

I wondered if my daughter was musical, as she always insisted on playing anything that made a noise. We decided on piano lessons as we thought it would be a good introduction to music. We had met Kate, and were immediately impressed at her calm, professional but fun approach to music. Maisy loves her lessons.

I've always loved music but never thought I could sing by myself, but now I do it all the time, and it's the best feeling.